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Our mission is to provide excellent service, produce high quality products, and innovation.



We promise to provide reliable services of superior quality and grant a prompt, flexible timing delivery. We believe in developing mutually productive relationships with all parties including our customers and suppliers. Only then we can develop an understanding of our customers needs. We guarantee a continuous supply of our best quality product.


With more than thirty eight years of experience, our human resources consist of experienced technicians in this niche industry. We continually update ourselves with knowledge of sophisticated and latest machineries. Our cans are in conform with the European Aerosol Federation (FEA) standards. New quality control measures are applied during production so we can assure you that we only produce high quality products



We believe that innovations are our responsibility and as a part of our service. We constantly innovate to provide new packaging ideas to the market. Our research and development team are always keeping up with the latest market demands; we make prototypes for shaped cans and shaped bottle.



Being regional leader in aluminum monobloc manufacturer, protecting the environment is our responsibility. Our plant complies with the most stringent regulation regarding emission in the environment. All process waste and component (Scraps) are collected and recycled. All our finished products are fully recyclable and can be used a renewable raw material resource.

Head Office
Jl. Krendang Raya No. 11A-B
Jakarta, 11270
Phone: +6221-6318939
Fax: +6221-6255205


Jl. Otonomi Ps. Kemis Cikupa No. 68
Desa Telaga Sari
Cikupa, Tangerang
Phone: +6221-5961046 to 48
Fax: +6221-5961045



can in accumulator Cans in accumulator during production